Wearing a ricepaper dress.

Funny, how particular things scatter when previously anchored so well on your wrists. Others usually so sugary and sweet make you bite your lip in hope the anticipation is all that will consume you.

Tea. March 18, 2008

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Last night I experimented with dying canvas with tea bags.

The result is pretty much AWESOME.

I’m so excited!  Of course, the longer you boil the teabag the darker the tint.  If you drag the teabag across the canvas it leaves little particles of tea, which I’m thinking will create a neat effect when I eventually paint over it… Also, depending how much water saturates the bag you can let it run down the canvas and I’m not sure how it will end up but so far I’m loving everything about this process… Not to mention that CVS had a sale on Lipton tea (100 bags for $3!).


Cell. February 27, 2008

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It seems I’m having a relationship with my cell phone.

Foreward: Last month I met a boy, we’ll call him Army, at a show I went to with a few friends.  Army asked for my number and I gave it to him because we had a nice conversation about graphic novels and the band we were seeing.

Now, I will probably never be interested in someone who doesn’t call.  At least in the beginning of a flirtation.  I mean, how on earth am I supposed to get excited for someone when I can’t hear a smile in their voice?  Or the sound of their laugh? Seriously, Army has been texting me for a month although he’s no longer a human.  It’s as though I’m talking to my phone and vice versa.

“Hey, you know what?  My phone asked me out this morning.  Then it smiled at me like this: :).  Oh man, my phone has the best smile EVER!”


Last weekend my phone asked me to do something at ten pm on Saturday night.  Granted, I was in my pj’s watching Saturday Night Live with Aaron and clearly very, very busy.  Even if I’d been at home lamenting I still would not have met up with my phone.  Goodness don’t you know you do not call a girl on ten pm on a Saturday night and expect her to meet up with you (this is different for best friends, brothers, etc).   I have a little more pride than that, thank you.  And yet I wake up and my phone has left me two texts asking what I did Saturday night, and even apologizing for not contacting me until late.  Even better, my phone sends me a “hiya” on Monday, and I have yet to even reply back!

My phone is a keeper!



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I seem to be in love with everything/everything these days.

The end result is a very calm me.  I realized I’ve come to this place where I’m no longer waiting for stuff to happen, or making lists or thinking about what should change.

I’ve spent the past few Sundays with Laura.  This past weekend I went to her house and dyed her hair black, then we walked and walked and I got a library card.  We sat in the Philadelphia Free Library branch on 18th and Ben Franklin (I think that’s where it is) and read graphic novels (read “Monsieur Dupont,” at least I think that’s the title- it is adorable and quick and the little conversations in the illustrations made me happy.  Trying to find the exact title and author on Amazon now however the site is terribly slow).

Hmmm.  It’s almost like taking comfort in the fact that I don’t find myself thinking of anything too hard.

Reminds me of a July day in 2006, when Laura and I decided to take off for the Jersey shore.  Arrived around 3, got sandy, played in the water, took a ridiculous amount of pictures, went to Wawa and ate hot dogs and milkshakes.

Holy moly am I excited for summer- tans, the beach, dresses, flip flops, dancing, and resisting the urge to cut all of my hair off.

Also, I just cannot get enough of my sister in law’s photography.  Her pictures always make me feel as though when she and my brother are outside they breathe in this air that may make them sigh.  Some sigh of “everything’s okay.”  Even if the air is super cold. I think.


Love, in. February 6, 2008

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I can safely say I thought I had been in love three times .  After the last one ended, my friend Ashley said something to me.  She said that maybe it’s your friends who are your soulmates, maybe they are the ones who are the loves that endure and are constant.

At the time, I did not believe her.  I tried, and would repeat it to myself over and over.

There are actions you take when in love without even thinking, or contemplating why, to be with that person.  To try and be what they may need at the moment.  So that when they go to sleep at night you know they know you can be counted on.  Not for your own satisfaction, but because it just wouldn’t be any other way.

Driving home from Virginia Sunday night my heart was full, despite the sadness of the day.  I cried in part for a loss and in part for this feeling that had permeated my skin, into my bones and my heart.  I cried because I suppose I hadn’t yet perhaps put my finger on this.  That there are people in this world who do endure, who will always have your heart and give it in return.

These girls of mine, despite highways and airports between us, are why I live and breathe.  I am hopelessly in love with them.


PS January 28, 2008

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For a year and a half I was not able to listen to the Postal Service.  Perhaps it was more that I would not allow myself to, but I didn’t.  I missed my favorite group.  I spent a lot of time a few years ago with artists who make electronica.  Since then I’ve become fascinated with the genre and fell in love with Psapp, Goldfrapp, Imogen Heap, and my lovely Zero 7.

This past October I was up in Boston visiting an old friend and on a Saturday night we were drinking pumpkin beer and listening to hours and hours of his iPod playlists.  At one point I was dancing around and bumped into the open box of Velveeta shells and cheese, spilling the contents on the floor while still dancing and picking everything up with a ladle (which, after a few pumpkin beers, seemed to be the most worthwhile method of cleaning).  My heart stopped for a brief moment when I realized the Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” was in the background, at the very last second of the song and I was not unhappy.  I was not anything in particular except for a wee drunk and waiting for mac and cheese.

Now, three months later, I have my little song back.  As a human with ovaries and lots and LOTS of estrogen, I tend to tie songs to particular moments in my life.   They take me back, whether in happiness or mourning, yet this was not the case, not this time around.  I do not tie my song to Boston or my friend or mac and cheese, as I used to attach it to a sad time in my life.  It’s just mine, whether it be stuck in traffic or revamped in an old M & M’s commercial or whatever the circumstance.

There is a freedom I feel that was gone for a long, long time.  I’ve since discovered I actually enjoy their “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” more than “Such Great Heights”.

And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a freedom in that as well.


J & K. December 11, 2007

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Look! My little brother and my sister-in-law are famous!  The photographer for their wedding, Lacey Gadwill, used their beautiful wedding photos in her ad…



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My good friend Alison gave me a new boyfriend a few weeks ago:

After two cups of coffee Sunday afternoon I was left to frolic around my apartment looking for things to do. Once the purple bathtub (from dying Laura’s hair dark brown Saturday afternoon) was cloroxed and back to its sparkly self, I decided to grow my new boyfriend. After all, the package said he would never berate me for buying too many shoes and he is a lovely shade of red.

So New Boyfriend needed a glass of water to flourish and I left him submerged Sunday night. Monday morning I awoke to find him floating facedown at the top of the glass. What a nice way to start my week, killing Boyfriend. Though it does not surprise me as I’m not one for keeping things alive.

Last night I come home to find him lying facedown in the middle of the kitchen (and true to his word, 600% his original size). I’m not quite sure how Boyfriend managed to revive himself after drowning in a glass of water and then launch himself out and onto the floor, but such is life.

And you know me, I imagine it is not a surprise to know that Boyfriend is still there, lying on the tiles. Since he is such a quality Boyfriend I am hoping to come home to a takeout sushi dinner and merlot.